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The Transit & Mobility group met on Thursday, Sept 15th, at 9 AM at the City Hall Annex OPED Conference Room B (2nd Floor), 999 Broad Street. View the minutes and next steps.


BGreen has begun to use Google Groups as our primary means of communication within working groups. Google Groups acts like a discussion board, but can also send messages to your email inbox.

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 List of BGreen Initiatives:

Rezone for livable, transit-oriented neighborhoods and redevelopment New zoning adopted that emphasizes transit orientation
Enact a transit-first policy  
------Expand GIS Ability RE: Real-Time Data Availability GBT has begun beta bus tracking system as of Summer 2011
------Enhance Ease of Bus Use/Availability GBT has begun beta bus tracking system as of Summer 2011
Assess transportation demand to prioritize infrastructure investment  
Construct a train station in the East Side Bridgeport has received HUD grant to study feasibility of East Side Train Station
Work with large employers to reduce the need to drive Eco-Pass in place at Bridgeport hospital
Make Bridgeport's roadways "complete streets" complete streets renovation underway
Promote walking and develop pedestrian infrastructure  
Promote bicycling and develop bicycle infrastructure  
Establish mobility authority  
Reduce emissions through anti-idleing and fuel standards regulations and education