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Healthy Neighborhoods

Healthy Neighborhoods focuses on expanding programs and participation at the neighborhood level, such as recycling and production of local food. 

How can you be involved with BGreen's Healthy Neighborhoods?

  • talk to your church or club about the BGreen Initiative and how they can be more sustainable
  • work with other BGreen participants to develop this website, information videos, and other outreach materials 
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Support and expand organizational capacity to manage, develop, and enhance green spaces for natural habitat, recreation, gardening, and outdoor education opportunities  
------Develop Volunteer Initiatives to Promote Clean-up in Parks and other public areas Groundwork Bridgeport- Parks Cleanup scheduled September 2011
Expand street tree and urban forest programs urban tree inventory to be completed Spring 2012, will help city assess health of trees and determine planting priorities
Provide access for all neighborhoods to community gardens and urban farms  
Conduct water resources education and stewardship programs  
Limit stormwater flow into the waste treatment system stormwater ordinance limits runoff from new construction
Maintain the stormwater system to prevent flooding  
Institute best practices for on-site stormwater management Discovery Museum features permable pavement
Pursue ban on plastic bags  
Identify the best recycling program to enable increased utilization Pilot program with RecycleBank will expand city-wide September 2011
Expand residential recycling through outreach and bin distribution to all residents  
Promote Downtown Special Services District recycling indoors and out  
Establish  comprehensive system-wide recycling at our schools  
Engage residents in anti-dumping and "pride in community" anti-litter campaigns  
Promote green purchasing in the residential sector