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BGreen Engages Community Stakeholders on Complete Streets

On December 10, 2014, BGreen hosted a workshop on complete streets at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo. Community members came together to discuss accessing the environmental, economic, and environmental benefits of streets that cater to all modes of transportation. By enhancing Bridgeport’s offerings for residents to take the bus, walk, or bicycle when they are travelling locally, the city will see improved public health, more economic activity, reduced emissions, improved air quality, and a more beautiful Bridgeport. These such offerings include planting street trees, altering traffic patterns, enhancing walking and biking infrastructure in densely populated areas, implementing a complete streets policy, and cleaning roadways and sidewalks.


Attendees in focus area breakout sessions

While multiple organizations are taking on these strategies, before the workshop there had been little cross-pollination of ideas in between them and a united front to push these strategies forward is needed. Attendees from Bikeport Co-Op, Sierra Club, Fairfield Bike/Walk Coalition, AARP, Greater Bridgeport Transit, and other organizations discussed real and feasible complete streets improvements in focus areas around Bridgeport. All suggestions were recorded to the Bridgeport Complete Streets Recommendations Master List for consideration of implementation. 

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