Complete Streets

An example of a complete streetComplete streets are roadways that accommodate and encourage many different types of travel, including biking, walking, and the use of public transportation. On low-traffic streets, a complete street may consist of improved sidewalks and a shared roadway for bikes and cars; higher-traffic areas will include separated bike lanes and bus pullouts. Planned complete streets will include Lincoln Boulevard and the Pequonnock River Trail.

Complete Streets aim to increase mobility, efficiency, and sustainability. Reducing the number of cars on the road will decrease emissions from individual transportation.

Complete streets will also ensure the transformation of underutilized areas into valued outdoor green spaces by making them more accessible, encourage green business practices, reduce vehicle trips and vehicle emissions, provide city workers with a wide range of transportation options, and foster community growth.

An overhead view of Lincoln Boulevard and the surrounding streetsComplete streets aim to incorporate green infrastructure such as Bio-swales and rain gardens. These types of installations increase water quality and reduce the amount of contaminated runoff flowing into public waterways, thereby reducing pollution and treatment cost.

Increased vegetative cover will help lower the City’s temperature during the summer, improve respiratory health, and alleviate excessive stormwater flow.

Permeable pavement will also be incorporated into the complete street design. Contaminated rainwater will be able to flow to the ground, instead of into the Long Island Sound.

How would complete streets impact your daily travel habits? Let us know in the comments section!


Green infrastructure for your home

Visit Connecticut Fund for the Environment's Reduce Runoff website to learn why green infrastructure helps protect Long Island Sound and how you can incorporate it into your Bridgeport home. The site has information about the sewage overflow situation in Bridgeport, regulations affecting rain gardens, and how you can install a rain barrel.

Rain Garden in Vernon, CT ( rain water to gardens and rain barrels instead of combined sewer/stormwater systems prevents sewage from draining into the Sound during rain events, and protects animals, plants, and people who depend on a healthy Long Island Sound.


Bridgeport ranks top 10 in transit ridership gains

Bridgeport is ranked #10 in cities above 50,000 people for gains in ridership between 2006-2010, according to the U.S. Census. The latest Greater Bridgeport Transit newsletter includes a great exploration as to why transit ridership  increased 4.3% , and what it means for Bridgeport.

Employment and population growth are one reason for the increased ridership. GBT expects that increasing ridership will result in fuller buses with more stops and higher maintenance needs. To meet the demand, GBT is replacing buses with larger articulated ("bendy") buses and is pursuing funding to overhaul their maintenance facility.

Using transit instead of driving can reduce your carbon footprint by 5,000 pounds per year.




Fourth Annual Green Market Exposition: A Celebration of Sustainability

Thursday, October 25th, 2012 

Margaret E. Morton Government Center, 999 Broad Street 

FREE Admission. Register at eventbrite.

Special Thanks:
Mayor Finch and the City of Bridgeport

Schedule of Events: 
Green Market Exposition Exhibits Open

Networking, Socializing, Refreshments

Keynote Speaker
Mayor Bill Finch

Catch a Healthy Habit
Featured Panels
Microgrids and the Urban Energy Revolution
Moderator: Gil Kernan, CleanTech PMG 
Learn more

The Upside of Being Green in a Down Economy
Moderator, Paul Timpanelli, President and CEO, Bridgeport Regional Business Council
Learn more


Farm and Food Innovators: 
Building Sustainable Food Systems and Community Food Security

Moderator: Analiese Paik, Founder & Editor, Fairfield Green Food Guide

Learn more

Getting Connecticut Back to Work!
Moderator, Floyd Lapp, Ph.D., Executive Director, SWRPA
Learn more

Bridgeport Greem Drinks
Barnum Publick House


2012 GME Exhibitors

Barnum Museum

 Beyond Coal

BGreen 2020

Bridgeport Lead-free families

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Encon, Inc.

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Gatsby's Green Light


Live Green Connecticut!

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Pareto Energy

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Save The Frogs


The WorkPlace


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Live Green Connecticut!



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$25 gift card and lower rates with Direct Energy service for Bridgeport residents


Direct Energy and Titan Energy have partnered with the City of Bridgeport
to offer a special low rate for electricity service that can save up to 16% annually. New customers receive a $25 Visa® Gift Card once enrolled in the program. Over 500 customers have signed up for the service since its introduction in early 2012.

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