Pleasure Beach Master Plan
Friday, April 26, 2013 at 11:29AM
BGreen Team

Mayor Bill Finch visits Pleasure BeachBridgeport is in the process of restoring the Pleasure Beach recreational areas. Access to Pleasure Beach from Bridgeport has been impossible since 1996 when a fire burned down the wooden bridge connecting the island to the mainland.

The restoration of Pleasure Beach has been one of Mayor Bill Finch’s primary goals. The Master Plan represents the City’s desire to restore the park, and transform the undeveloped area into a sustainable, environmentally friendly, family-oriented outdoor recreation area.

The plan incorporates needed facilities through restoration and new construction, and emphasizes co-existence between wildlife and people. Pleasure Beach is to serve as a recreational, educational, and a wildlife resource.

Through a grant from CT DEEP, a new fishing pier has been built, and several new buildings that will serve as restrooms, An example of new Pleasure Beach Infrastructureshowers, concession stands, and a welcome center are planned for construction. The new construction will feature sustainable building practices and materials such as recycled rubber roofing, composite decking and metal, permeable pavement, solar hot water systems, and rainwater harvesting systems.

The final step in the master plan is the addition of a new water taxi. The taxi will take the place of the old wooden bridge by shuttling visitors from mainland Bridgeport out to Pleasure beach.

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