Eco-Industrial Park
Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 4:54PM
BGreen Team


The Eco-Industrial Park is planned an area adjacent to Captain's Cove Marina and Seaside Park on either side of the Cedar Creek inlet.  This area of town has several important attributes that lends itself to the creation of an Eco-Industrial Park: reliable electrical interconnections to the grid, access to natural gas, significant amounts of excess heat and gray water that can be harnessed to serve the district , and incredible transportation access via highway, rail and water, all within a ¼ mile radius of each other.

Plans for the park will include the following:


The impetus for concentrating all these activities in one location is “industrial symbiosis.”  Utilizing the waste streams from some of the present facilities as a feedstock, fuel, or other purpose for adjacent facilities is the simplest way to save energy.  For example, the excess CO2 from our mass burn solid waste incinerator can be used to feed the algae in the biofuels production facilities.  Gray water from the sewage treatment facility that currently pumps into Long Island Sound can be used to cool down the combustion engines at the mass burn facility (which currently uses 1 million gallons of potable drinking water a day for that purpose).   The environmental and financial savings are both real and significant.

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