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What to recycle? y Un guía de reciclaje

To prepare items for single-stream recycling:

  • Place newspapers, mixed paper, boxboard and corrugated cardboard and aseptic packages in the recycling bin or barrel with your other recyclables. Do not include newspapers contaminated with food waste, paper towels or food wrappers.
  • Rinse aseptic packages such as juice boxes and milk cartons and remove straws if any, then place in the recycling bin or barrel.
  • Rinse glass, aluminum, steel and plastic cans, jars, bottles and aluminum food trays, then place them in the recycling bin or barrel. Labels don't need to be removed. Do not include containers of motor oil, antifreeze or other automotive fluids, paint cans or medicine bottles.
  • Do not include light bulbs, toys, pots and pans, window glass, dishes and other ceramic items, coat hangers, flower pots or plastic bags.
  • Don't forget to redeem deposit bottles and cans!

Recycling Guides- English

                          - Spanish page 1 page 2

Please help us create recycling guides in other languages!


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